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About Me

As the door closes softly, the booth goes silent. Headphones, notes, pen and paper, a final exchange of glances with my colleague. I hear a crackle in my headphones: The speaker’s microphone has been switched on. I open my microphone, the red light comes on, and the world around me disappears as I hear "Good morning, Ladies and Gentlemen…" and start interpreting. Nothing else matters now.

You should hire me because ...

the success of your event is my top priority.
I am an interpreting professional.
I am driven to always find the perfect phrase that hits the nail on the very head
     the speaker was aiming for in the original language. Take my word for it.

If you have any more questions – or would like to get a first impression – simply call me or send me an email. These are my contact details. Upon request, I’ll also be more than happy to provide you with a complete resume.